Core culture

Team culture Tianrui Machinery Team Culture: Four Basics

Good conduct: attitude is the basic requirement of being a person.
Qualified to work: qualified is the basic requirement of doing things.
Efficient execution: execution is the basic requirement for efficiency.
Teamwork: Collaboration is the basic requirement of a team.

A group of people, one voice, one action, one goal, one dream;
experience difficulties together, face setbacks together, bear pressure together, learn to grow together;
support each other, tolerate each other, encourage each other, and love each other.
This is an invincible team of mindfulness, mindfulness, authenticity, and excellence!



Enterprise culture The mission of tianrui machinery: to transmit the harmonious beauty of love and safety to every project.

Tianrui machinery's vision: to be a popular product and a respected enterprise.

Tianrui's concept of mechanical responsibility: create value for customers, employees, shareholders and society.

Tianrui Machinery Values: Safety First, Fight for Construction Machinery! The slogan of tianrui machinery is: honesty is the foundation, technology is the king.

Tianrui Machinery's Investment Promotion Concept: Join Tianrui Machinery and Win the World Together.

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