OEM / ODM Capabilities: Professional staff and technicians in our factory enable us to design and manufacture various brands of concrete machinery spare parts according to buyer's requirements. Our ability to provide our clients with buyer's label / logo and design services makes us an attractive option.
Number of production lines: 188
Factory Area (square meters): 15000
Size Factory Area: 3013883
Employee details:
Production staff: more than 1,000
Quality control staff: 20 or more
R & D staff: 10 or more
Years of OEM / ODM experience: 20
Design services provided:
Details of the design services provided:
Custom designs are welcome.
Buyer label provided:
Buyer label details provided:
Provide and accept buyer's label / logo
Materials / components:
30% imported and 70% local. We source materials primarily from the US and Germany. We also got some components from Japan.
OEM / ODM machinery / equipment:
Mechanical automation assembly line
Monthly production capacity: 2,000 to 2,999 units
Monthly production: 8,000 to 8,999 units
Minimum order quantity 1 to 99 units
Major markets served: Middle East, Western Europe, Central and South America, North America, Oceania, Asia, Middle East / Africa, Eastern Europe.


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