Concrete pump: teach you how to choose a pump first

2019-12-10 20:11

Boom pump

Boom pump uses a remote control arm mounted on the rear of the truck to pour concrete. The arm pumps concrete precisely to every corner of the construction site, with lengths ranging from 20 to 60 meters. One of the biggest benefits of this type of concrete pump is its long service life and its ability to quickly dump large amounts of concrete. Boom cushions are most commonly used on large construction sites because they can pump large amounts of concrete in a short period of time, while minimizing labor requirements.

The trailer or stationary pump
trailer pump or stationary pump is a separate concrete stand that can be transported on a separate trailer. This particular type of concrete pump requires a pipe made of multiple sections of rubber or steel pipe that are connected together and mounted on the pump. The last piece of pipe is a rubber placement hose or boom, which makes it easier to pour concrete with higher accuracy. One of the main advantages of this type of pump is that you can extend the length of the pipeline as needed to reach the desired location. Trailers or stationary pumps can even be used in projects a few kilometers away, making them ideal for tunnel work or high-rise buildings.

On-board stationary pump The
stationary pump can also be mounted on the rear of the truck, which provides workers with a greater range than a typical boom device. This setup means your truck will always be ready to go straight to the job site without the hassle of connecting a truck or trailer. Another important advantage of installing a stationary pump on a truck is that the truck may have enough storage space to accommodate pipes that can easily reach a distance of 100 meters.

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